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Part I of our cafe hopping experience

Well this cafe is a unique one because they serve “raw” food as told by Edmund. At first both of us didn’t have any idea what it meant, we thought that “raw” food meant sashimi and salads, mainly food that were not grilled or steamed, anything like that. But instead, it’s actually food that are cooked that’s nothing above 48oC and with ingredients that are not chemically modified.  They do not serve red meat, cow dairy, white sugar, gluten free food, etc. So this was what “raw” food meant! So much better than my lame sashimi/salad theory… I tried their flat white and it was really different when they switch up cow’s milk for hazelnut milk… Hahaha. If anyone is up for a healthy lifestyle/diet, you should give this place a try!


Flat White with Hazelnut Milk (5SGD)



Look who we met! Kairong and Jeff who became cooks in the cafe, what a pleasant surprise to meet them on that day!






Mushroom soup (8SGD)


Salmon Pizza, super generous with their salmon. Love it!



Living Cafe & Deli 
779 Bukit Timah Rd 
Singapore  269758 
+65 6468 4482 


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April 19, 2014 at 1:32 am

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