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travelogue taiwan day 3: san zhi/ lover’s bridge/ modern toilet restaurant

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These are the visuals taken when Jinkee and I went out for our own day trip to San Zhi which is in New Taipei City :) San Zhi is a quiet little town (we were the only tourist in that town on that day haha) but from what the locals told us, most of the tourist who come to know about this place are mainly couples who are there for wedding shoots because of the sakura flowers. WHICH, is also the main reason why we went there!!

DSC00317 DSC00348 DSC00355

You cannot believe how much we have walked in order to look at these pretty Sakura flowers HAHA. SOOO happy that we reached our destination!

DSC00364 DSC00371 DSC00397 DSC00406

Locals said that it would be better if we came to San Zhi on the next week when we were there because it will be fully bloomed ): Sadly we would already be back in SG and we can’t see the whole stretch of Sakuras. Nevertheless, my first time looking at these gorgeous flowers!!


After SanZhi, we went back to Danshui to take a look at Lover’s Bridge! Our Journey to the bridge was pretty long cos we talk a lot of selfies and stuff. So when we reach the bridge there was nothing much for us to take alr because it was only stairs heh.

DSC00433 DSC00450 DSC00459 DSC00475 DSC00469 DSC00484 DSC00505

Headed back to Taipei for our try at Modern Toilet Restaurant! Sigh I was so hyped up about it, braved the heavy rain and everything but when we reach there, it felt that it wasn’t worth getting drenched afterall. But okay la, the themed cutleries and crockeries were really cute!

DSC00507 DSC00510 DSC00514 DSC00518 DSC00522


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April 24, 2014 at 12:32 am

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