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travelogue taiwan day 4: shilin night market

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On day 4.. It was such a pity because “aunt flo” came and visit me. As usual, I had cramps so bad that I couldn’t leave the hostel and visit other places with my friends ))))))))))))’: So I stayed in the hostel the whole afternoon and chit-chatted with the people working there as well as the other fellow tourists! I must say that all of them are really friendly so I wasn’t bored the whole time when I was just sitting around the house!

So when they came back from beitou for hot spring (JEALOUS!), we headed to our second apartment and had dinner at Shilin night market which is just a street down from our place :3


大肠包小肠!!! YUMMY ^_^



Fried Oyster! I prefer SG version of fried oyster cos tw’s is sweeter but sg’s saltier hehe


SUPER FRESH OYSTER MEE SUA! I don’t normally eat oysters but THISSS IS SO GOOD! They are really generous with their oysters too :)



卤肉饭 and their bak kut teh




Well in terms of my own opinion, I would much rather go for the night maket in Raohe rather than Shilin. Shilin is more overrated than Raohe for their food but shilin definitely has more things to shop (clothes, accesories, souveniers etc). So YUP! Just a quick update :) The last day (most fulfilling one) is coming up soon!!


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April 28, 2014 at 10:18 pm

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