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travelogue: high life in macau

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this begins the first photo entry for my hk/macau trip that i went last month! time really flies and how i wish i am able to travel to somewhere new every month.. just need to work much harder so that i can make this truly happen in the near future :)

after months of settling the air tix and accomodation, while itinerary was mainly done by our tour guide, nick(hehe), we finally embarked to hk for our 5d4n stay!

we took a night flight using scoot and i must say, i am always impressed with scoot’s comfy seats even though they are considered a budget airline. but yeah, scoot has the comfiest seats among the rest of the other budget airlines!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

after a four hour plane ride, we reached at dawn and took an airport express down to kowloon. airport express is different from their normal mtr service where this is specifically for airport transfers only. so we had to transfer to the mtr after we reached kowloon to the ferry terminal where we would be headed for macau.

truly hongkong – the heavily densed high-rise apartment buildings. look at the tallest building, there are even clouds covering parts of it! i’m not sure if the clouds are just lower than usual or the building is reallyyyyy tall hahaha.


we headed over to star cafe at tsim tsa tsui for our breakfast. i remembered that we reached before 9am when the chef and helper was still chopping up tomatoes and we were their first customers of the day. looking at the amount of tomatoes that they prepared, you must be wondering what  kind of dishes they make with these tomatoes – its their famous tomato noodles!!!



sorry i didn’t take any photos of the tomato beef noodles, but for those who loveeeeee tomatoes, you should try this out! because i don’t like tomatoes, what i say wouldn’t give any justice to it hahaha. but my friends did say that it tastes not bad :)

Star Café (星座冰室)
Shop No. 36, Champagne Court, 16-20 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
Telephone: +852 2724 4408

after our breakfast, we took a good 10-20mins walk to the ferry terminal to head over to macau! we got pretty much scammed when we were buying our ferry tickets ): but more on that later! we were still happy tho hehe. there were two different ferry services and we took cotai water jet!


okayyyy so the reason why i titled this as “high life” is because of the hotel that we booked. I tell you, this is the MOST LUXURIOUS HOTEL I’VE EVER BEEN! for close to 800sgd a night, it was worth every single cent because all of us lived like kings and queens for a night.

when we reached the hotel, we got to check in at the executive/club floor, with pre-cocktail while waiting for our room to be done and a kind lady escorted us to mansion. what we booked was a 2 bedroom mansion so it was in a different building as the other normal rooms. SO… this was what we saw when we got out of the lift. i feel like i was a princess being escorted to my chamber ♥.♥


when we stepped in, we were in AWE. i tell you. all of us was super happy with our room!!! then we started snapping pictures like crazy and found new things to go “WA” and “OMG” about. like, spacious rooms, walk-in wardrobe for us girls and more.. this was the girls room, one bed each :)


the master bedroom for the boys. all of them slept on the same bed and they said it wasn’t squeezy at all! look at how atas this is :OOOO a bed fit for the kings.DSC01511

JACUZZIIIIIIIIIIIII! this was the highlight of everyone’s trip there. hahaha they even had bath salts for the jaccuzi.


of course us girls had our own bathtub with jacuzzi features and a tv right infront of us :)


our beautiful dining/living room where i took a really comfy nap on the sofa ^_^


THEN WE CHECKED OUT THE PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL AND IT WAS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! this is like the outdoor swimming pool in hearst castle. very greek styled, i love it!!! too bad the pool wasnt heated so we couldnt take a dip in the pool ):


of course we had to take some photos of us ballin’ hahaha






Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16
Rua do Visconde Paco de Arcos MACAU


after oogling at our mansion, we finally headed out for lunch at some portuguese restaurant! it wasn’t that nice so i wouldn’t recommend over here.





WHEN IN MACAU, EAT PORTUGUESE EEG TARTS!!! yumzzzzzzzzzz, always eat their egg tarts! the ones in white are birds nest egg tart which were surprisingly good! its not as sweet as the original one but the sweetness was just right with its fluffy and crispy pastry outside.


we couldn’t get enough of our hotel… so we headed back to chill and have dinner HAHA.
-so that was the end of our day 1-

refreshing morning view from the swimming pool *.*


this is the common swimming pool that’s a level below ours! if i’m not wrong in summer time they might have a pool bar which is pretty cool



yummy hotel breakfast, whats there to resistttttttt


just chilling after breakfast~


we finally did some sight seeing on our second day! senado square was just a road down from our hotel so it was really convenient hehe


traditional portuguese buildings~



ruins of st paul’s! there were so many people omg. we just took a short walk up and headed to the park already


and here’s my silly friends that i adore HAHA




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May 14, 2014 at 9:59 pm

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