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what happened?! SCHOOL HAPPENED.

i’ve been so sick of school lately with assignments one week after another that requires so much brain usage. i guess this is the true blue life of an engineering student. not just engineering, but chemical engineering. okay la, it’s not like i’ve not been studying this for the past three years in poly already. but still… uni’s different.

i’m so sure that i am not the only one who is feeling this way. all my classmates are already dying even though we are only like what, 3 months into our first year of uni? lectures after lectures after lectures. so time consuming and i don’t even have the time for self studying when there are assignments or reports due every week.

i am definitely just hoping that i can survive through this 2 years. it’s only two years. i can do this!!! i’m glad that i’m making friends along the way. it’s not always that i can be sociable…. just hoping that i’m not a burden in every group work. i can get quite stupid at times -_-



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November 21, 2014 at 9:26 pm

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today, i found out that i would be celebrating my 21st birthday in the UK during the immersion programme for uni (newcastle). its kinda sad that i will be away from my friends and loved ones this time but, any suggestions of where to go? i would love to go on road trips during the weekends! or maybe extend my trip for another week or so for a solo backpacking trip around europe since i’ve never been there. i would sincerely loveeeeeee for some suggestions! but meanwhile, i’ll just research more on europe and get ready for uni life tmr!

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September 22, 2014 at 8:29 pm

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monday|3rd march

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I’m going Taiwan in less than a week with my kkh volunteer friends! I already have this crazy plan of making a short clip of my trips just to pen some memories down and make this a hobby. I’ve been wanting to try taking really good cinematics through a camera. That is why I gotta get myself a new camera. Hopefully I am a fast learner and that I can edit my videos quickly and post it up online! I have prior to no knowledge on how to go about doing it so I guess this time would be a good start since I’m done with school and work is very flexible nowadays :)

Speaking of Taiwan, I would give you guys a breakdown on how much I have spent for my accommodation and air tickets so far. I think that planning efficiently and giving yourself a tight budget is important because this way, you can save up more for more trips right? It will prevent you from overspending and make yourself find the best deals that you can get within that amount of money.

If you are planning to head over to Taiwan anytime soon, you can check out where I’m staying! Reviews will be done after my Taiwan trip is over!

Taiwan 10 – 15 March (6D5N)
Due to our tight budget + air tickets  were expensive, we decided to stay in hostels.

For the first 3 days, we would be staying in 1983 hostel. This would be my first time staying in a hostel! 3 of us girls will be staying in a Basic 6 Bed Female Dorm. Can’t wait because I would be able to meet nice people in this hostel. Since it is a female dorm, I guess we would be pretty safe staying in that hostel. Crossing my fingers!!! Probably getting my things stolen will be the only worry I will have throughout the trip.
(Cost for 3 nights: TWD 5400 = SGD 225.89)

Then for the last 2 days, we would be staying in Fun Taipei Backpackers in a Basic 4 Bed Family Room Ensuite. For this, we will have a room to ourselves! It is conveniently located at the Shilin District. This means, we can eat at shilin night market as and when we want!! All the fried chicken… Mee sua… Fried oyster… Woah. Next monday should just arrive NOW!!
(Cost for 2 nights: TWD 4000 = SGD 167.33)

Bookings are made by my friend through You can check out the pictures of the hostels there. They all look warm and cozy to me. Most hostels needs to be pay a deposit of 10% and you can pay the rest of it in the hostel itself upon arrival.

That’s all for now, toodles!

Conspired Dog:Kid

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March 3, 2014 at 6:47 pm

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Hi. Before I actually thought about what I want to do with this page of mine, I wanna share about this artiste I am currently obsessed about.

Heymun – Wanderlust

Her voice is so soothing to my ears and it calms the poor little soul of mine that gets so flustered easily. I am in love love love with her.

I’m officially done with school. At least for my poly life. 3 years flew by just like that. So..
Here comes the big plans.

Traveling will be a huge deal for me this year. Hopefully, crossing my fingers, I’ll be able to travel to 5 countries with the amount of money that I am able to save.

Universities. How I wish someone would just accept me as their student for the next 3-4years so that I can still plan my life and take my time to make important decisions.

I guess in the mean time, I will do up some posts for my planning for pre-overseas trips. Hopefully it will be useful for people who stumbled upon this space.


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February 22, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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